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A Reference Site on Terrorism Exported from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

For those who laid down their lives - From Langley to Al Khobar, From Nairobi to Bombay

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Learn How & Why Pakistan Became the Nucleus of Terror

How the Mujahedin are Bred in the Fertile Madrassas of Pakistan

Terror Has Become an Instrument of Policy for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Get an Idea About the Men Behind the Mullahs

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Pakistan on a Path to Isolation - Expert View

This is a public interest site created and maintained to inform and benefit people everywhere, people who are revolted by acts of terrorism carried out under the banner of Jihad (holy war or crusade) against "infidels".

It is intended as an expression of defiance against those who see violence as means to almost any end, who see dialogue as tantamount to surrender, and who believe compromise to be the flip side of betrayal. 

For them, people like you and me, who do not adhere to their exclusive and absolute worldview, are fair game. It is not a matter of whether you or your loved ones will come into their target sights, but of when! 

Be informed. That is the very first line of defense. So read on and speak out against the global menace that Pakistan has become.

Why Pakistan's Nuclear Weapon is an "Islamic" Bomb - Click & Find Out

To Be Added Shortly

To Be Added Shortly


This site compiles a number of newspaper, magazine, review and journal articles, documenting in one way or another the dynamics and facts regarding the export of terror from Pakistan. 

Many of the articles are from Western sources, but a large number of Pakistani, Indian and other Asian sources are relied upon since that is the area where, for the time being, much of the action is taking place. Updates will be made as documentation becomes available. There is some cross linking of articles depending on their pertinence in any given section.


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